Pregnancy Foot Reflex

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Before PregnancyFertility Support

Pregnancy foot reflex massage is a natural way to stimulate the fertility of the body. It is not only for the woman; it can also be for the man. The reflex massage consists of relaxing and supportive elements.


During PregnancyRelaxation & Support

Many pregnant women are greatly soothed when their (tired) feet are gently massaged. This foot reflex massage relaxes and brings the body and spirit back in balance.


40 weeks - overdueInduction Massage

After 40 weeks, do you feel uneasy or unsure because the midwife and the hospital work according to a plan or protocol? That is very understandable. Sometimes your baby simply takes its time


After PregnancyHormone Rebalance

After the birth of your baby, the foot reflex zones for the hormones and the lower back and pelvic areas, are massaged in a pleasant and comfortable way. This helps your body recover.


About Foot Reflexology

Did you know that your body and its organs are mirrored in specific parts of your feet?
Pregnancy foot reflex is based on the age-old practice of Chinese foot reflexology. Pain or tension in your body is translated into blockades on your feet.

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"Pregnancy foot reflex makes you feel better! And it’s super relaxing too..." Ellen Beerepoot

About me

My name is Ellen Beerepoot; I live together with my husband, two teen-age children and our dog next to the Vondel Park in Amsterdam West. I work in consultation with, among others, midwive Truus Gale and Hannah Nieuwenhuis.

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  • Testimony Induction Massage After your overdue treatment at my home the contractions started. That same evening my daughter Olivia was born. Thanks for the fantastic services, I am convinced that the overdue treatment made a contribution. Terry
  • Testimony Foot Reflex Ellen’s competent and yet intuitive approach does wonders for me. She gives me rest AND energy. Elizabeth
  • Testimony Fertility Support The foot massage for fertility was wonderful. Ellen is a friendly and caring person and these qualities are always present in the treatments. During the first session she took her time with an agreeable intake. Because I asked for it, during the massage she explained why a specific hold was used and how it could help. Ellen is very professional and has a calming, positive energy and presence. I had 3 sessions in all, before I became pregnant. Claire
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