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Foot reflex massage & Pregnancy Reflexology

Did you know that your body and its organs are mirrored in specific parts of your feet?
Foot reflex massage is based on the age-old practice of Chinese foot reflexology. Pain or tension in your body is translated into blockades on your feet. Pregnancy Reflexology is a specialized discipline which treats among other things the hormones, the reproductive organs, the hips, the pelvis and the lower back. Through pressure and massage manipulation of related foot zones, your energy flow (via meridians, the nervous system and the blood circulation) can move freely again: you feel better! So, pregnancy reflexology is good for your health and super relaxing too. (and for pregnancy: even natural labour induction massage exists).

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"Enjoy Foot reflexology in the comfort of your own home." Ellen Beerepoot

Specific benefits of Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy is a beautiful process, but you could compare it to top sports! Mild foot reflex massage is a beneficial and comforting support during pregnancy, also useful in case of pregnancy discomforts. It stimulates the body’s own self-healing possibilities. The labour can proceed easier and more quickly, with fewer medical interventions necessary, if you have had a number of foot massages during the pregnancy. (even natural labour inductions massage exists)
Examples of positive effects are:

  • relaxation and better sleep
  • harmonization of hormones (during and after the pregnancy)
  • excess fluid (oedema) management through lymph drainage
  • stimulation of the urine and digestion systems
  • preparation of the body for labour

Other possible effects:

Tip: A Doula provides extra support!

In addition to pregnancy reflexology, I also advocate having a doula. Every pregnant woman deserves the extra professional support a doula can provide during and after their pregnancy, but most especially, while giving birth. How many midwives nowadays have enough time to give you the assistance and support you need? A doula provides physical, emotional and mental support. Make sure your partner is comfortable with this, because the doula can strengthen your team during a home birth or at the hospital. (Note: I am not a doula, I only provide pregnancy massages: also natural labour induction massage when you are overdue).

Why a doula and what does she do?

Whether you are simply looking for more support, are anxious about the birth or are without a partner, a doula can assist in all situations. The doula works with everyone involved: your partner, the midwife/doctor and the maternity care nurse.

During the birth, she will do everything possible to maintain a calm environment and will assist you and your partner. This could involve relaxation (massage), breathing techniques, helping with childbirth positions, monitoring your requirements and wishes (in terms of the midwife and hospital) and helping out with whatever else you need. She is also there for moral support, to encourage you, listen to you and comfort you.

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My experience shows that foot reflex can truly make a difference

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