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How Reflex Mamssage started
with massages to induce labour naturally


Ellen Beerepoot

My name is Ellen Beerepoot; I live together with my husband, two teen-age children and our dog next to the Vondel Park in Amsterdam West. I work in consultation with, among others, midwive Truus Gale and Hannah Nieuwenhuis. I think it’s extraordinary to be able to support pregnant women with foot reflex massages. At your own home, in your own familiar environment. Also in the evenings and on weekends. I speak English, French and of course Dutch.

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"My passion is the flow, the warmth and the effectiveness of massage: that you feel better during your pregnancy. I do this with heart and soul" Ellen Beerepoot

Reflex Mamssage started with massages to induce labour naturally

In 2011 I started my business Beerepoot Voetmassages, where my help was increasingly sought out by late-term pregnancies to induce labour naturally (See “treatments”: Induction massage). From here my interest was awakened to also assist pregnant women both before and after the birthing.

My Vision

My experience shows that foot reflexology can truly make a difference. You feel good; and mentally, spiritually and physically you become more in balance. I believe that “mama” also needs taking care of! (Be nice kind to yourself and take that extra nap every now and then). That’s something I would wish for every pregnant woman.

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