Rates & Vouchers

maternity gift voucher as desired


Rates & Vouchers


Before pregnancy €80 90 min
During pregnancy €70 70 min
After 40 weeks – overdue €80* 90 min
After pregnancy €70 70 min
Including parking costs
– For adresses outside Ring Amsterdam 20 Euro travel time is charged
Maternity gift I* €70 or €80
Maternity gift II* €420 (6x + 1)
Pregnancy gift 9M** €630 (9x  + 1)


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"Reflex massage stimulates the body's own self-healing possibilities" Ellen Beerepoot


Maternity gift voucher*

This maternity gift voucher includes 1 foot reflex massage.

  • €60 (60 min) or €80 (90 min)
  • Maternity gift voucher for relaxing foot reflex massage – at your home
  • Surprise your pregnant loved one with a deliciously relaxing treatment


Preparing for Labour**

This voucher includes 6 foot reflex massages plus 1 induction massage if necessary.

  • €420 (6 reflex massages + 1 free induction massage)
  • For women who previously had an early (medically) induced labour, or who previously gave birth after their due-date.
  • The massages in weeks 37 and 38 (once per week) are given gently;
  • in the weeks 39 and 40 (twice per week) more firmly. The labour can proceed easier and more quickly, with fewer medical interventions necessary, if you have had a number of foot massages during the pregnancy (Carla Huis in ‘t Veld-Overvelde).
  • Plus 1 free induction massage after 40 weeks, if necessary.


Pregnancy gift***

This voucher includes 9 foot reflex massages, from the 3rd month. For example:

  • €630 (9 reflex massages + 1 free)
  • 6 Pregnancy foot reflex massages
  • 3 Hormone Balance massages after the birth
  • Includes foot bath, essential oils.
  • Including 1 free Overdue massage, after 40 weeks.
  • Including parking costs.
  • If desired, one or more of these massages could be given to your partner.
  • Gentle foot reflex massage gives a healthy and enjoyable support during pregnancy, also with pregnancy discomforts.

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