After Pregnancy

Hormone Rebalance massage at home


After Pregnancy:
Hormone Rebalance massage at home

  • Type: Gentle hormone-balancing foot massage at home
  • When: After the birth
  • Location: At your house
  • Duration: 70 minutes - massage at home
  • Price: €70 (you pay no parking costs)

You gave birth to your baby! Congratulations! how are you? You have just given a tremendous performance and your body is adjusting to a new hormone balance. This hormone rebalance treatment relaxes and helps you recover from your pregnancy more quickly.

The foot reflex zones for the hormones and the lower back and pelvic areas, are massaged in a pleasant and comfortable way. This helps your body recover from the pregnancy more quickly. It is optimal to receive a treatment after the first few days after birth. Enjoy this relaxing massage at home. Maybe a good idea for a maternity gift?


"Enjoy the comfort of this massage at home" Ellen Beerepoot

Tips and support for mama after pregnancy

How will you support yourself during the first period after the birth? Some women go straight back to work, while others are overwhelmed by the changes in lifestyle; having to deal with time management, new responsibility. sleep-deprivation; possible changes in the relationship with their partner, the double burden of work/family and the emotional impact of all of the above.
This is completely understandable! Does it ring true for you? If so, hopefully the following list will contain a useful idea or two for you:

  • Talk lots and often about how the birth went (after all, it’s no mean feat!);
  • If possible, have your partner apply in advance for the maximum amount of parental leave;
  • Extend your maternity leave;
  • Treat yourself to massages at home (maternity gift?);
  • Find an au-pair for the first year;
  • Who can look after the baby for a day/number of days per week?
  • Who can help with the household?
  • Check out some pregnancy groups (yoga etc.) where you can meet other pregnant women who you can share your pregnancy/birth experiences with, look after each other’s baby, use each other’s babysitter;
  • If you’re not a good planner, ask for a ‘Getting Things Done’ (personal) trainer;
  • Work less hours if looking after your baby gets overwhelming;
  • However, some women experience less pressure if they work more often outside of the home;
  • Do your very best to take naps while your baby is asleep;
  • If you have a partner, make some agreements with him/her about who feeds the baby during the night and discuss whether the household chores need to be divided up differently.
  • Maybe your partner gives you a massage at home ? (mild massage without pressure!)
  • Have your food/groceries delivered whenever possible or even better, on a regular basis.
  • Go out for dinner (you have to eat anyway!) and invest some time in finding good babysitters.
  • If you can leave your baby in good hands and feel up to leaving him/her behind, go on a weekend away with your partner or close friend.
  • Also have a doula for the period following the birth (this is a real maternity gift!).

In short, take good care of yourself. The life of a mother does not have to be flawless! What makes you happy and how can you go about achieving this?

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