Before Pregnancy

Fertility Massage


Before Pregnancy:
Fertility Massage

  • Type: Relaxing, supportive foot reflex massage
  • When: Plan your appointment directly after the menstruation
  • Location: At your house
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Price: €75 (you pay no parking costs)

It might be taking more time than you expected to get pregnant.  In that case, medical interventions might be a choice – but you could also give your body another chance and support it with this fertility massage.

Fertility Support or fertility massage  is a natural way to stimulate the fertility of the body.  It is not only for the woman; it can also be for the man.  This foot reflex massage consists of relaxing and supportive elements.  Relaxation has a positive influence on fertility since it harmonizes and balances the hormones (oxytocin, progesterone and the stress-hormones adrenaline and cortisol).  Stimulation of the foot reflex zones supports the blood-supplying organs, the sexual organs, specific acupuncture points and the hormones, according to both Chinese and Western insights.


"Fertility massage in the comfort of your own home." Ellen Beerepoot

Tips: fertility for body and mind

Is it possible to prepare your body and mind for conception? Yes, it is. Besides fertility massage, you can also do a lot by eating a nutritious diet and taking the necessary supplements, keeping moving, monitoring your temperature, body weight and lifestyle and getting enough relaxation.
See if any of the below tips work for you: but don’t overdo it. Hopefully they will contribute something positive to your needs and wishes. Make sure to take your time.

Nutrition and supplements

Proper nutrition influences the quality of sperm and egg cells. You can detox your body before pregnancy by eating bitter fruits / vegetables (for example, endive, grapefruit, chicory, rocket, sprouts and artichoke).
For a healthy, fertile body you should not smoke (lowered estrogens), use alcohol (weakened sperm, miscarriage, complications), drink as little coffee as possible (weakened fallopian tube / sperm ducts) and avoid dairy (use alternatives).
You can also use supplements such as Maca (not for thyroid problems), ginger (spleen energy) and Ortica (Fertile for Women)
Be careful with sugar: it causes your blood sugar level to fluctuate and as a result, hormones can become imbalanced.
And of course, drink enough water (add some apple cider vinegar or lemon juice) or drink nettle tea, ginger tea, rosemary tea and turmeric tea.

Heat in men

It is important for men not to have a mobile phone in their pocket or a laptop on their lap. Hot saunas and hot baths are temporarily not recommended.

Relaxation & stress

Excessive stress hormones disrupt hormone balance. Stress also causes cramps in the fallopian tubes and uterus. Slow down and take lots of rest. Go outside into the fresh air for walks on the beach or in the woods. If you lead a busy lifestyle, try to plan one or two short meditations into your day. Finally, make sure you sleep well. Lack of sleep can cause imbalanced hormones and irregular periods. Consider massages or fertility massages. Last but not least: don’t forget to be kind and gentle to yourself.


As well all know, movement is very important. Where fertility is concerned, being active increases endorphins, reduces stress, improves digestion, blood sugar levels, blood circulation, energy flow, weight and the immune system. Intensive sport is not recommended (this negatively impacts the hormonal system and menstruation). Try a sport that involves circular movements like dancing or yoga/mindfulness, i.e. non-competitive sports. Try feeling more closeness with your body. Some good sex also comes highly recommended…

Body weight

Being either overweight or underweight can disrupt menstruation, which in turn, can slow down ovulation. If you want to lose weight, do so gradually.


Be gentle with yourself (are you being judgemental?), give air to your feelings and emotions (perhaps write them down or paint them), take it easy, have more feeling with your body and your partner’s body, discover how to experience less stress and enjoy things more. Plan things to look forward to in your agenda; you deserve it! Creativity allows for more energy flow in your body!

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