During Pregnancy

Relaxation & Support
( pregnancy foot massage )


During Pregnancy:
Relaxation & Support
( pregnancy foot massage )

  • Type: Mild relaxing foot reflex massage
  • When: From the 3rd month of pregnancy
  • Location: At your house
  • Duration: 70 minutes - pregnancy foot massage
  • Price: €70 (you pay no parking costs)

When you are expecting a baby you might be on cloud nine. But at the same time it might not always be so easy for you. Why not support your body with this pregnancy foot massage?

Many pregnant women are greatly soothed when their (tired) feet are gently massaged. This mild foot reflex massage relaxes and brings the body and spirit back in balance. And it gives relief from discomforts (for example, oedema or problems with urine and digestion systems) and prepares the body for the birthing (including hormone balance). From week 37 to week 40 it is allowed to stimulate acupuncture points in preparation for the birth.
With pregnancy treatment labour can proceed more quickly and easily, with fewer medical interventions necessary. (Available: gift voucher 6 treatments week 37 to week 40)


"Enjoy pregnancy foot massage in the comfort of your own home." Ellen Beerepoot

Tips: for swollen legs (or hands)

I recommend a pregnancy foot massage (lymphatic drainage!). Here are some more tips for you:

  • Make sure to drink sufficient fluids (at least 2 litres per day) to remove toxins;
  • When resting, raise your legs, preferably while lying down, so that the groin area is free from restriction;
  • Make circles with your ankles, do this often;
  • Walking/cycling promotes circulation. Avoid standing and/or walking for too long;
  • Remove your rings before your fingers start to swell;
  • Hold your hands up regularly and move your fingers rigorously;
  • Get a pregnancy foot massage. Your partner can also give you one, but must use a very mild pressure only. Pressure points must be avoided and the insides of the foot must not be massaged;
  • Shower your legs in cold water;
  • Wear support stockings, if necessary (only if advised by your midwife);
  • Use very little salt and sugar;
  • Nettle tea helps fluid retention and purifies the blood.

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