40 weeks – overdue

Natural induction massage


40 weeks – overdue:
Natural induction massage

  • Type: Contraction-stimulating and relaxing foot reflex induction massage
  • When: From 40 weeks
  • Location: At your house
  • Duration: 90 minutes - natural induction massage
  • Price: €80 (you pay no parking costs)

Finally it is time for your baby to arrive! You carried it for almost 40 weeks and you’re counting down the last days until your due-date. If you are overdue however, time seems to slow down and you are still counting…maybe my induction massage can help you out.

Do you feel uneasy or unsure because the midwife and the hospital work according to a plan or protocol? That is very understandable. Sometimes your baby simply takes its time, but sometimes stimulation is a good idea. This induction massage (natural method) activates the birth hormones and stimulates among others foot reflex zones of the lower body and specific pressure points. If you want I can also use moxa. Together with the relaxation this can give just the right gentle push to start the birthing process on its way. And with the stimulance of this massage, you can feel your baby move!


"Induction massage in the comfort of your own home." Ellen Beerepoot

Tip: the "mystery" behind the due date

The 40 weeks due date seems like a magical date and very often women are disappointed if they haven’t given birth by then. This is logical, considering most women (especially in the last few weeks) experience varying levels of pregnancy discomfort and are ready to give birth as soon as possible. (It is not really possible to induce contractions, but luckily, they can be stimulated to a certain extent with natural labour induction massage). Unfortunately, midwives and hospitals often work according to a schedule (induced labour).
However, less than 5% of all women give birth on their due date! Most pregnant women give birth between three weeks before and two weeks after their due date.

So you see, there is no need hurry! Your body and your baby will choose the right moment.

We start counting 40 weeks from the first day of your last period. So, we don’t count from the actual date the egg is fertilized. In reality, fertilization occurs two weeks later, because ovulation occurs on average two weeks after the first day of your last period. You are, therefore, not 40 weeks pregnant, but 38. However, there are many variables involved: fertilization can also take place 24 hours after ovulation and sperm cells can even cause fertilization three days later. Irregular periods can also cause the due date to deviate. And some babies simply mature a little later (just like people!). So, induction massage can be helpfull and supporting, but is not always necessary.

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